London is the home for more than 4000 pubs, and they are all attraction points. You can find any Londoner having a drink with friends after work, enjoying Sunday roasts, and enjoying life in a London pub.
You’ll find lots of great pictures in our Instagram account and website, articles about pub culture, guides for pub crawling, and information about what is going on in the pubs.

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What is pub crawling?.

In this post, I will explain what a pub crawling is, and how it is done.

Pub crawling is basically drinking booze in several pubs, bars, etc, usually one at each. The idea is to know the area, meet with new people, and enjoy different drinks for your taste.

Pub crawling is a good way to know more about London.

When you have a guide (or a good friend!) during a crawling, they will help you to utilize it, see “better” pubs with proper booze, so that you can save time!

Before starting a pub crawl, I suggest you to get prepared. This is what I do:

  • Charge your phones in full. You may need to use Maps, or your favorite taxi service at some point 🙂 I usually carry my battery pack, especially when I’ll take a lot of pictures, which drains my battery.
  • Don’t be hungry before the crawl. It will end up your night early.
  • Dress properly. See below.
  • Make a plan. Do it. See below for more details.
  • Make sure you have both cash and credit cards, just in case…
  • Keep your ID card in a safe place. You may me asked to show an ID while entering some places.
  • This is not a race. You don’t have to drink as much as others do.

You’ll walk a lot, so pick up a shoe which suits that. London weather is not the best for pub crawling. When you may end up with drinking outside at some of the pubs (err, I mean after the pandemic we all have an option…), you may need a coat, etc. I also try to carry a handbag to keep my items in, to be on the safer side.

When you start crawling,make sure that you keep your own pace, because the idea is seeing more pubs. I sometimes pick a small pint in some of the pubs to refresh myself. A proper pub crawling is to able able do drink more booze *properly*. Especially when you are not with a group of friends, make sure that you’ll be able to return home safely 🙂

Planning ahead is usually a good idea. Some pubs may be closed earlier than others, so prioritize them first. Also, a proper pub crawling should not include taking a tube to the next pub. Make sure that there are enough pubs in the walking area. Also, walking more than 5-6 minutes for the next pub won’t help much. We need you drunk!